Would your kids respond in the same way as these kids?

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     Nikki Pepper 

    This 3 minute video raises an interesting point…

    What did you do as a kid?

    If I was a kid right now… in this long hot summer with no school…. I would be making dens in the back garden with my mums clothes horse and old sheets pegged onto it to make a den… and I’ve have in my supplies, a Beano annual, drawing book and pencils… a faded blue corduroy cushion to sit on or rest my head on… An off cut of carpet also in the base of my den… I hadn’t had that memory for a very long time!

    What would you be doing if you were a child again this summer?? What are you memories?

     Chris Ogle 

    Really interesting video… I think we must also be very careful of losing sight of what kids are learning about collaboration and co-creation using technology.

    I remember that my father and mother expressed that they didn’t understand the kids of today when I was young… and we are in danger of becoming our parents. Kids today have a wealth of opportunity to learn “but different” to us with all the gadgetry available.

    What I think is… our generation (and of course our ability to guide the next) have actually lost touch with nature… we may have had access to it when we were kids but we have quietly forgotten it as we chased our possessions and material things…

    It is us that need to reconnect with nature… and perhaps by example we might be able to lead the kids of today… they have been left to their own devices as we busied ourselves… and now we wonder why they are doing what they are doing… just a different perspective…

     Nicola Hainsworth 

    It is thought provoking. I think as a parent it is important to do what is right for your child. Be adaptive and provide a wide variety of opportunities to do varied activities. And perhaps not be judgemental of generations who are living in a different set of circumstances to what we grew up in. Embrace some of the activities that children today enjoy, it is surprising how much I have learned about technology from my 7 year old. In fact, his fearless attitude toward technology has helped me massively.

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