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     Chris Ogle 

    This initiative began some 18 months ago. The NHS is an organisation under extreme stress and is struggling to cope especially as the baby boomers progress through their 60’s and 70’s… But in reality the NHS is a National Sick Service… we turn up when we are already unwell…

    The PHS is effectively a service to help people remain fit and healthy. As such the idea is to bring together local people who are involved in health and wellness activities, alternative and complementary therapies and through local community health events enable people to learn how to take responsibility for their own health.

    Starting in November we will be running Learning Sessions to discuss the 3 main aspects of the PHS, (1) Taking responsibility (2) What we can do to maintain our health, and (3) Practically the process.

    (1) Taking Responsibility

    1. Acceptance that is our responsibility to maintain this amazing vehicle that we live our life within
    2. Develop an acute awareness and understanding of our own bodies
    3. Seek out information and be open to learning new ways of keeping our body in tip top shape
    4. Access local practitioners and health specialists offering alternative ideas for maintaining health not available through the mainstream

    (2) What can we do to maintain our health?

    1. Take care what we put into our bodies
    2. Take care what we put on our bodies
    3. Ensure that me move and exercise our body which is designed to be active
    4. Take care of our thoughts
    5. Learn about the mind, body, spiritual connection

    (3) How can we practically apply these ideas?

    1. Know your Numbers… Height, Weight, BMI (guidance only), Blood Sugar, Cholesterol (LDL, HDL, Triglycerides), 
    2. Holistic awareness, pick up knowledge
    3. Connections, we are not alone, online and offline support, health service providers (online / offline access)
    4. Signposting… meeting at events
    5. Reflect on choices made – monitor
    6. Adjust

    I have also connected with a company “Lavanya” who have created an online searchable health platform that works by town and hopefully symptom keywords in time… so that people can be signposted to those local providers who can help with certain types of conditions. Luca Pisetta has joined Link4Business and will be on here shortly… the health platform is designed to be national.

    At the end of the year I will hopefully take possession of a new diagnotisc machine which (used by the NHS) which is used to diagnose Diabetes, Cholesterol, Pregnancy and Infection (treatable by antibiotics). This is a service that I am interested in providing locally in Watford, however I can make them available to others interested in this kind of diagnosis work if interested.

    This idea would work anywhere in the UK… it isn’t a company… or any kind of organisation… just an idea to bring local health and wellness providers together under a banner… no fees or anything… people just agree the payment directly with those they choose to work with… nice and simple.

    If anyone is interested in any of this in their area… just get in touch… the more we can spread the ‘good health’ message in my opinion, the better… I personally believe that we each have the utmost vested interest in our own health, and if we don’t care, then… no one cares! 



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