Some books I have recently read and why…


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     Chris Ogle 

    I’m not a massive book reader… actually I have written more books than I have read in the last 10 years and that seems a bit strange to admit… not big numbers in any event I can assure you!

    So I have written a blog post to explain what happened… 

    The three books were all given to me… 

    1. Starfish and the Spider
    2. The Consciousness of Sheep
    3. Attached

    All have come to me in a timely fashion and all bring a lot of learning that I am assimilating into my life…


    For the full story please take a look at the blog where there are further details and links

     Nikki Pepper 

    I’m glad you enjoyed The Starfish and the Spider… I hope you enjoy the next book I have for you even more 🙂 

     Chris Ogle 

    The Starfish and the Spider was particularly useful at this Juncture in time as Link4Growth transitions and begins to grow again as a Leaderless Organisation… there are no answers in the book… but there are lots of ideas and concepts that will prove useful as more people join in with the Association and want to add their unique flavour where they are… We can all play our part… 

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