Should we spend time trying to find our purpose?

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     Chris Ogle 
    I will be sharing my “thoughts for the day…” here on the Forum from now on… just in case one of the topics catches your imagination… here is today’s…
    Thought for the day…
    This morning I was engaged in an intriguing conversation… What is our purpose?
    We all spend a huge amount of time trying to find what it is we’re here for. This happens to many folk in their mid life. I was no exception although appeared to arrive at mid-life pretty early on!
    What is my purpose?
    Great question and you’ve probably asked yourself this too. So this was the topic of the discussion…
    What if we had no purpose? … What if there was no grand design for us, then what? How much stress, drama, anxiety and effort have we expended to seek out what was never there…
    The conclusion was… maybe we just need to accept ‘We are’ and we do things that interest us, we learn, observe, take action, reflect and are part of life’s rich complex tapestry where it is our very existence and presence that gives our life meaning.
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