Rich dad and poor dad

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     Nish Thenuwara 

    Friend of mine send this audio book and I have been listening to it as I have free my self from work for a different cause yesterday and today which gave me some space to listen. Some of the content I have already heard elsewhere but very interesting book, here is the link…

     Nikki Pepper 

    Thanks for sharing this @nish. I bought a very dog ear’d copy of this book earlier in the year in a charity shop. I hope that’s a good sign just how dog ear’d it was? 🙄

    Just realised that my speaker isn’t working on my pc… Probably a wire has come out somewhere… There’s the nudge I finally needed to pull my office desk out and tackle those dust bunnies! (hopefully remembering to plug my speaker back in too!)

    I guess there’s no reason why I can’t listen to the book via your forum post on my phone? Will try that later! 

    OOoh the wonders of technology eh! 😁

     Chris Ogle 

    I read this book back in 2008/9 I think… back then it made a lot more sense to me than it does today. Back then I was interested in Assets that generated money and how the rich get richer based on their assets generate income rather than actually doing much of the work themselves.

    It is a very useful book for understanding the way money and assets works… but is not now really that relevant to me, partly because of my growth and partly because of the way the world is changing.

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