Protecting our iP (intellectual property)

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     Chris Ogle 

    I spend a fair amount of time chatting with business owners about their ideas and ambitions… sometimes they are happy where they, others, are at a crossroads, and yet others still are completely enthused by a new opportunity and a new direction…

    If the person I’m talking too has a new idea, maybe not being offered elsewhere, along with the excitement comes a little trepidation… what if my idea is stolen? … what if someone else beats me too it? …

    It’s a real fear… the invention of the “Non Disclosure Agreement” was created in an attempt to close out this fear… but who these days (… and in the age of the Internet) has the time, money and inclination to press home this kind of legal position?

    On reflection the reality is everyone is free to do what they want… whether it be to take that idea and run with or even improve it and create a similar idea but different, we really have no control…

    In my own experience (and growth) I’ve realised that taking responsibility for what I want to do and pouring my energy into my passion is the optimum use of my time… and allows me to focus with real intent to deliver on my “why” for doing what I’m doing…

    others? … well they have to take responsibility for their “why” and I hope they achieve what they want with their focus…

    If you are out there in the arena doing things… this situation is very likely to happen… knowing this and being aware we have a choice on both our response and where we choose to focus our time and effort is so important… focus on ourselves or focus on others?

    Central to your project is the “Why”, that’s what appears to hold it all together… and each of us have a unique “why” we can come back to when things get tough…

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