My little introduction – Spalding area digital marketing specialist

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     Paul Lees 

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Paul and I own and run Pleasedigital Media Solutions. I focus mainly on Social SEO such as Facebook advertising for my clients and love seeing the results they are getting from my marketing techniques. 

    I have been dabbling in web design for years but, since having to give up my career as a quality and compliance manager to care for my wife, I have been able to focus a little more on making my own business. 

    So I have a wife, an 11-year-old boy, 2 dogs, 2 rabbits and two Giant African land snails. And a beard. Not bad for a fat lad from Southampton!

    I also own and run a Facebook group called the Business owners’ club – Peterborough and surrounding areas (shameless plug), so if you feel that you match up with this group, feel free to join. Its aim is to be a high-value group that focuses on business discussions rather than businesses advertising themselves 7 days a week so please dive in, ask questions and provide answers to questions!

    If you have any needs for web design, SSEO, SEO, copywriting or anything else, get in touch. 


     Nikki Pepper 

    Hi @pleasedigital, Love that you think to include your beard along with the rest of the family! 😀 

    Have an awesome day! ?

     Chris Ogle 

    Good to see you on here Paul @pleasedigital … was caring for my mother for 18 months or so and to be there for those we love we often have to make different choices… So great to here you are now building your own business and being digital you can do most of it from home too! 

    Looking forward to seeing your contributions on here… 

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