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    Link4Growth Conversation Circles


    Link4Growth’s mission is to encourage the idea that “It would benefit all of us if we talked more”. Through conversation (and connection) everything happens. Link4Growth provides a simple infrastructure through which supporters of the “idea” can create regular spaces where people can come together with no pre-planned Agenda and have conversations.




    Because we stopped talking. Today there are few places where we can go… be ourselves and talk about whatever we want to share, without any agenda, judgement, or pressure to meet the needs or expectations of others


    What happens?


    Everything starts with a conversation. Once people start talking they find that they meet like minded people, those with common interests, connections and shared experiences.


    This creates a wide range of outcomes




    Insights and different perspectives






    Why is this important?


    What if we had 1,000,000 people talking to each other… 125,000 groups (circles) with just 8 people (max 14) in each… where it was easy to start and create a group of people looking to enjoy conversations and connect…


    Promotion of ‘Conversation’ rather than ‘Networking’


    Link4Growth coffee events are very popular. Mostly these are attended by small and micro businesses. They offer low cost networking which is less prescribed than other networking organisations and they do appeal to many people.


    However… Link4Growth is about “conversations” between anyone, and so it seems that by creating “Conversation Circles” we can begin the process of opening up the opportunity to talk that would includes those that are not just from the traditional “networking” population.  


    Simple ethos


    Actually anyone could start a conversation circle anywhere, anytime with or without Link4Growth, we fully support more people talking… however that happens!


    But for those who wish to do this alongside Link4Growth as part of a ‘like minded’ team then simply aligning with the 7 principles of Link4growth and becoming a  ‘Friend of Link4Growth’ is all it would take to include the circle and ‘put it on the map’ so to speak.


    There would be a simple facilitation and behavioural guidebook that highlights the responsibility of the host whose main purpose is to ensure everyone can fully participate.


    No one leads a circle… all who participate are equal… the host is there to simply facilitate and enable the event to happen each month…


    Light touch…


    Link4Growth was always about conversation, about people, about relationships and connecting people so that we could influence the communities that we lived in. Enable us to do something, take action and make a difference…


    We can all participate in conversation… it is after all, good to talk…


    Just a thought…

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