How to make diseases disappear….

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     Nikki Pepper 

    Recently, and quite by accident, I ‘discovered’ a forward thinking GP from England, who is challenging the way that ‘diseases’ are perceived and treated…

    Yesterday I finished his book, The 4 Pillar Plan and I’m already thinking about starting it again to read it a second time… (I have instead pushed it under the nose of my eldest daughter hoping she might look at it)

    I like how this guy thinks… I really do think he’s got the tone just right to inspire and help hundreds of thousands of people (I hope many more!)

    If you’d like a little taster from Dr Rangan Chatterjee to set the scene, you can watch him in a Ted talk here… How to make diseases disappear | Rangan Chatterjee | TEDxLiverpool

    Now, who would be up for joining me on this journey going forwards to Eat, Sleep, Relax and Move better? Perhaps we could get a group going? 🙂

     Linda Nightingale 

    Thanks for the information about Dr Rangan Chatterjee, his book and the Ted talk, Nikki ?  I’ll definitely be looking at them & although I have a good handle on managing my stress, I have lately been thinking I need to move more etc; so I’ll happily join you on a journey to Eat, Sleep, Relax & Move more and better. ?

     Ghislaine Headland-Vanni 

    Those sound like great pillars which I need to embrace more too. I’d add tackling inflammation in the body and getting your gut microbiome healthy. I’m a huge fan of the microbiome and it’s connection to health and disease 

     Andy P Clarke 

    The links aren’t working for me Nikki.



     Nikki Pepper 

    Hi @andypclarke, I’ve now edited that link above and not sure what happened there? It certainly was broken!

    Link is also here… 

    Worth a watch! 🙂

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