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     Chris Ogle 

    I have lived in Watford for my entire life (with the exception of 2-3 years in Hemel H.). I decided not to go to university and jumped straight into what I was passionate about… turning a box of electronics into something that provides a real use for human beings saving time and money. Yep programming computers… until recent history that was my main focus. 

    Nowadays I still keep my hand in and since 2008 have been supporting people with their usage of online tools and how they can use them in what they do… I call these “Learning sessions” because we can all use these tools differently depending on what we do. Mini website here

    I also bring people together locally to support people having conversations, connecting,  collaborating and even co-creating new ideas that often get sparked when people do come together. This is brought together using a community hub for SWHerts

    Since late 2015 I have also been on a spiritual journey and that has been amazing… we all have the power to be whatever we want… sometimes we just need a listening ear… and to be around others who are positive and like minded… a bit like this forum really… I am now beginning to put together Men’s Sharing Circles… more info on those soon… but for a background to my thoughts on being in balance with ourselves here are some thoughts

    I am a prolific blogger too and although I haven’t written as much of late… if you would like to read a bit more about how I think then please do visit my blog site.

    Please do connect with me on here if you’d like too… I really enjoy finding out how I can be of service to others… curious is my middle name!

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