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     Chris Ogle 

    Hungary and specifically Budapest is fast becoming one of those destinations on people’s city break lists. Many of you might not know that I have been visiting this country since 1997 and whilst no direct family living there I do have many connections in the country.

    Just recently some changes for me in Budapest has meant that there is now a real possibility of running some retreats over there. Retreats that would be really flexible and involve different people doing different sessions, all mixed up with relaxing exploration of this fascinating place.

    Below is a link to a blog that I wrote some time ago about Budapest and is an example of a four day ‘city break’ around the Hungarian capital… 

    If you’d like to know more about Budapest and Hungary then feel free to contact me… or might be interested in participating in retreat ideas

    Budapest 4 day exploration programme

     Ghislaine Headland-Vanni 

    I love Budapest! Need to explore more of this beautiful country at some point! 

     Chris Ogle 

    Yes Ghislaine it is pretty awesome actually… although much smaller than it used to be… there is still a wealth of interesting things to explore… and their thermal baths are prolific too!

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