Welcome to these forums sponsored by the Link4Growth Association.

These forums are provided to be a space where we can come together, get to know one another, and have conversations free from the pressure to meet the needs or expectations of others. Where we can share our views, experiences and perceptions without judgement and without prejudice.

Much of the content of these forums can be viewed without logging in, but posting is restricted to those who have registered as a forum user. There is no charge to be a user just use the Register option to start that process, once registered please set up your profile and say hello in the Welcome area.

Many who believe in what Link4Growth stands for decide to become friends of Link4Growth. A friend of Link4Growth shares a common desire to work towards the principles that underpin the Association. The principles are contained in each of the roots in the image below…




  1. Everyone is important
  2. Everyone should be respected
  3. Everyone should be heard
  4. Everyone should be able to contribute
  5. Everyone is on their own journey
  6. Everyone has value
  7. Everyone is equal


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